One single My Will document

The purpose of this document is to assist individuals resident in Victoria, Australia (“you”) to decide whether to accept or resist the coronavirus health related measures. 

It should be noted that any attempt to forcibly impose health measures upon you are illegal.  However, these health measures which are ‘directed or mandated’ are essentially a contractual “offer” which you are free to accept or refuse.  It is important to understand that this is a contractual arrangement; if you accept the offer (irrespective of whether you feel coerced to accept it), you have entered into a contract and you accept all the implications arising from that (including broadly an inability to really seek any financial recompense should you be injured from the health measure).  Alternatively, should you refuse the offer, you are exercising your God-given free will to reject the contractual offer made by the Federal or Victorian government.

In particular, this document is intended to enable you to undertake a due diligence before accepting any injections and, if you decide to resist the health directives or mandates, provides letters, notices and agreements to assist in this objective.  The document is structured as follows:

  • A due diligence form is provided to enable you to consider the financial and medical implications of any adverse event from taking the vaccination, including consideration of insurance policies in advance of taking such decision;

  • Various letters are provided to push back against mandated vaccinations in the school, university and/or employment settings, including a letter which outlines Orthodox religion objections to the vaccine;

  • Various letters are provided to resist vaccination, testing, tracing and masking measures, particularly in the school environment and various letters dealing with pressure for vaccination in a hospital or institutional setting or to endorse vaccination;

  • Various letters are provided to resist PCR testing in various settings;

  • Various letters and Notices are provided to resist masking measures in various settings (including a detailed analysis of the science behind the mask measures);

  • Various notices and Conditional Agreements regarding vaccination and testing.  The Conditional Agreements are particularly beneficial should you wish to avoid outright refusal.  This is a useful way to avoid being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’ because you are effectively agreeing to the vaccination or the testing, provided that you can be provided with the evidence and assurances outlined in the Agreement as well as being fully indemnified in the event of any injury.  We would consider it astonishing if the counterparties accepted these contractual terms and provided their signature to these Agreements, but in any event, you would remain free to reject their offer even if they were to accept the terms of the Conditional Agreement.

  • Various letters to politicians and protest forms and Affidavit should you wish to affirm your sovereign status and affirm your vaccination decision.

  •  A No Blood Directive is included (although there is also a form of official directive that can also be used in Victoria).  This may be useful to avoid being given blood which could be contaminated by individuals having been given the vaccination.

  • Guidance in the event that door-to-door campaigns are launched in Victoria to subject you to forced or coerced testing and vaccination measures at your home.