Reasons to NOT consent

1. I am a citizen/permanent resident of Australia concerned with the Government response to the COVID-19 virus.

2. I have been informed via press conferences by various Commonwealth and State politicians and public servants and through licensed media consisting of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, mainstream corporate television and radio and print of the following regarding COVID-19:

(a) effects;

• symptoms are mild and that the majority of sufferers fully recover.

• the mortality is not higher than the regular/seasonal influenza. (ABS statistics confirm this).

• the average age of the people who have died is above sixty with some in their nineties.

• there are many studies which show that there are effective and cheap treatments including hydroxychloroquine with zinc, and intravenous vitamin C treatments which can mitigate and eliminate the effects of the virus without vaccination. In addition, there has never been an effective and safe vaccine for any coronavirus due to viral mutation.

(b) perceived risks;

• shortening of the lives by a small number of years (given the ages of those at risk) of a non-specified number of predominantly older Australians.

(c) Government responses (Local, State and Commonwealth);

• introduction of legislation to limit the free movement of Australians, police powers to remove people from public spaces.

• threat of financial penalties and imprisonment for people contravening social distancing/quarantine rules.

• forced shutdown of thousands of businesses.

• directly caused the loss of hundreds of thousands jobs for Australians creating uncertainty and potential mental and physical health problems.

• increased Government debt by hundreds of billions of dollars where it was reported by a mainstream media journalist quoting qualified economists would detrimentally impact the lives of ALL Australians (austerity) for ‘generations’.

(d) projected outcomes;

• marked increase in suicides under austerity to repay debt for generations (from historical evidence of imposed austerity).

• compulsory vaccinations.

I have come to the conclusion on a cost benefit basis all Governments have
responded in a grossly disproportionate manner in a material way to COVID-19. Attempting to extend the lives of an unspecified estimated number of already elderly Australians and protecting Australians in general from mild flu like symptoms is not worth subjecting the entire population of ordinary Australians to joblessness, economic hardship for generations, the loss of freedoms won by previous generations of Australian soldiers, a projected increase in the suicide rate and potential compulsory vaccinations.

3. I therefore make the following declarations regarding COVID-19.

Referring to all levels of Government in Australia, I officially protest Government response to COVID-19 and hereby retrospectively withdraw any implied consent dating back to 1 January 2020 and do not give ongoing consent for:

(1) all legislation covering all portfolios both State and Commonwealth to have been enacted in Australia.

(2) the borrowing of currency incurred as debt.

(3) Government funded programs in response to COVID-19.

(4) all actions by Australian authorities including but not limited to Police, Military or Council Officers that involve a restriction of the movement of myself or anyone else within Australia that has occurred or may occur.

(5) the forced shutdown of any Australian business by any Australian Government or Government department.

(6) the introduction of compulsory or coerced vaccination of children and/or adults through legislation or denial of services.

I expect that which I have detailed to be repealed and/or reversed both in legislation and in practice immediately.

The information in this document is Private and Confidential between the Australian Government and myself. No information is to be made public by the Government or disseminated outside of the Government without my permission.